The Girl Behind the Camera

Hi guys! So I realized I hadn't really introduced myself yet on my blogs, so here it goes! 

My names is Maggie Moriah Rogers and I grew up in a small beautiful lake town called Vian, Oklahoma. 

I love raspberry chai lattes (try one. It'll change your life), guitars, Michael Jordan, going on adventures, the lake, letters, church camps, chips and queso, and laughing so hard that I'm not actually even making noise anymore. 

I also love art.   

I have a crazy supportive family who loves to encourage me in my dreams to pursue art. And guess what? Here I am doing just that. I work as a jeweler and jewelry designer in Moore, Oklahoma. I work at an amazing locally owned store called Lewis Jewelers. I haven't been there over a year and the people I work with already feel like my family. 

Growing up, I can't remember a vacation, special event, or first day of school that my dad didn't have his camera in his hand. He is very right brained, but becomes a left brainer when behind the camera. I have grown up taking pictures with him my entire life and have decided recently to make my hobby a little more professional. 

So this brings us to this blog. My amazing employers at Lewis Jewelers have recently given me the opportunity to combine my two loves. These are a few pieces that we make and sell at the store. 

I love what I do, because whether it's selling jewelry or doing photography I'm usually getting to help someone mark a monumental moment in their life. 

God has been so good to me by providing these opportunities. Literally, He's the real MVP. 

P.S. If you haven't noticed, I added a new Jewelry tab to my photography page. Keep an eye out. I'll update it with new jewelry and pictures every so often! 

P.P.S My bestie Britton Hart just left for France for the semester to study abroad. She is my model and is pictured at the end of this blog. She is also the one taking the pictures of me! S/O to her. Go check her blog out about her semester abroad.