Ryan + Baylie | Engagement

Baylie and Ryan came to middle-of-nowhere Oklahoma with me this weekend to take some pictures, and we had so much fun! I've never seen a humble hay barn look so romantic and dreamy.

My favorite thing about Ryan and Baylie was there ability to make each other genuinely laugh. I never had to say, "Okay, now let's do something candid. Make each other laugh." They were already having fun together. Genuine giggles get me every time. They have a really special love, and Ryan didn't let Baylie do a twirl or walk without moving every rock out of her way. Chivalry is not dead, people! 

Also, huge shoutout to my new eighty year old friend, Louise, for letting us use her super quaint barn. I love small towns. 

Couple: Baylie Berninger & Ryan O'Kelly | Location: Tahlequah, OK